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Hypnotherapy Client Reviews for Taylor Sherman
Hypnotherapy Client Reviews for Taylor Sherman
Taylor Sherman Hypnosis NLP Reviews

Testimonials note: These reviews are a sample of those given to me by satisfied clients. Results are individual and may vary, as with any product or service. For more information, see my Legal and Ethical Disclaimers.

Session Packages

  • Sale!

    Custom Recording (25 minutes)


    A custom hypnosis recording that is approximately 20-25 minutes long, including an induction, deepening, personalized suggestions, compounding, and emerging.
    Duration : 20-25 Min

  • Sale!

    Discovery Session


    An invitation to find out how hypnosis works for you. Includes suggestibility testing and a light hypnosis experience that is focused on relaxation and stress relief
    Duration : 45 Min

  • Alone in the unspoilt wilderness

    Focus Session


    Focus on any one issue or challenge you’d like to overcome, using both coaching and hypnosis methods to orient you toward being the way you’d like to be.

    Duration : 55 Min

  • 1:1 Coaching (3 Sessions)


    Three short-term coaching sessions that are focused on growing in your life and accomplishing your goals.

    Duration : 55 Min x 3 Sessions

  • 1:1 Hypnosis (3 Sessions)


    My most popular program. Each session involves hypnosis, and you can choose what you’d like to work on.

    Duration : 55 Min x 3 Sessions

  • Woman cutting up cigarettes to quit smoking using hypnotherapy

    Kick The Habit – Vaping/Smoking


    If you’re finally ready to quit, I have an excellent program to help you to stop vaping / smoking for good. This is the culmination of what I discovered over 15 years of working with hundreds of smokers.

    Duration : 4 Hours Over 3 Sessions

  • Hypnotherapy for Couples - Couple Hugging

    Couple’s Guidance Session


    For you and a partner, to strengthen communication and resolve intimacy issues. Receive couples coaching or a double hypnosis session.

    Duration : 55 Min

  • Eat Healthy - Weight Loss Hypnosis

    Overcome Emotional Eating (Weight Loss)


    For those who are struggling with reducing weight and know the issue is somewhere in their mind. Reduce cravings, increase exercise, and eat balanced portions.

    Duration : 55 Min x 5 Sessions

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Hypnotherapy Client Reviews for Taylor Sherman
Hypnotherapy Client Reviews for Taylor Sherman

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