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Online Hypnosis Sessions

Get hypnotized from the comfort of your own home

Over the past few years, my clients have wanted to meet with me for virtual hypnosis sessions more frequently, due to the pandemic. However, I’ve been working over video for a while. Online hypnosis was always an option for my existing clients when they were traveling, or for my international clients who couldn’t physically see me. Sessions done virtually are just as effective as those done in-person.

Some of the benefits are:

Video sessions can provide a more immersive experience

Over the years, I’ve trialed setting up a mini audio studio in my office. I would speak through a microphone, so that clients can hear my voice through headphones. In this way it creates a deeper feeling of being hypnotized.

Through video, this experience is duplicated and without needing additional equipment. I ask every client to have headphones or earbuds available so that you’ll be able to hear my voice in an immersive experience. You are also able to pick a place in your home to relax which may be just right for you and your body, which tends to help people to go deeper as well.


In order to do video sessions the following conditions need to be in place:

When you schedule a session with me, you can choose to come in-person to my offices or do sessions online. Schedule a consultation below to get the process started.