Couple’s Guidance Session


For you and a partner, to strengthen communication and resolve intimacy issues. Receive couples coaching or a double hypnosis session.

Duration : 55 Min

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A Couple’s Guidance session assists you and your partner in strengthening your relationship in a generative way. During a couples session, we may do some coaching with you and your partner to help you to have better communication skills and to resolve intimacy issues. You would also be able to do a double hypnosis session where both of you go into hypnosis at the same time, and in some cases use hypnosis as a tool to create new experiences of connection.

These sessions are not couple’s therapy, because we are not focused on fixing a dysfunctional relationship structure or things that are deeply broken. Instead, it’s about growing a more solid connection for things that are already working and could be even better, learning skills, and utilizing hypnotic methods to be your best selves.